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Kelly J. Mays - The Norton Introduction to Literature-W. W.
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    Kelly J. Mays - The Norton Introduction to Literature-W. W. Norton & Company (2018).pdf电子书
    Kelly J. Mays - The Norton Introduction to Literature-W. W. Norton & Company (2018)

    Editor: Sarah Touborg
    Proj ect Editor: Christine D’Antonio
    Assistant Editor: Madeline Rombes
    Manuscript Editor: Rebecca Caine
    Managing Editor, College: Marian Johnson
    Managing Editor, College Digital Media: Kim Yi
    Production Man ag ers: Ashley Horna, Stephen Sajdak
    Media Editor: Carly Fraser Doria
    Media Editorial Assistants: Alexander Lee, Joshua Bianchi
    Ebook Production Manager: Danielle Lehmann
    Marketing Man ag er, Lit er a ture: Kimberly Bowers
    Media Project Editor: Cooper Wilhelm
    Design Director: Lissi Sigillo
    Book Designer: Pamela Schnitter
    Photo Editor: Ted Szczepanski
    Photo Research: Julie Tesser
    Director of College Permissions: Megan Schindel
    Permissions Clearer: Margaret Gorenstein
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    Cover design: Pete Garceau
    Copyright © 2019, 2017, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2006, 2002, 1998, 1995, 1991, 1986, 1981,
    1977, 1973 by W. W. Norton & Com pany, Inc.
    All rights reserved
    Printed in the United States of Amer i ca
    Permission to use copyrighted material is included in the permissions acknowl edgments
    section of this book, which begins on page A27.
    Library of Congress Cataloging- in- Publication Data
    Names: Mays, Kelly J., editor.
    Title: The Norton introduction to lit er a ture / [edited by] Kelly J. Mays,
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
    Description: Shorter thirteenth edition. | New York : W. W. Norton & Com pany, 2018. |
    Includes bibliographical references and index.
    Identifiers: LCCN 2018004891 | ISBN 978-0393664942(pbk.)
    Subjects: LCSH: Lit er a ture— Collections.
    Classification: LCC PN6014 .N67 2018 | DDC 808.8— dc23
    LC rec ord available at https:// lccn . loc . gov / 2018004891
    W. W. Norton & Com pany, Inc., 500 Fifth Ave nue, New York, N.Y. 10110

    Preface for Instructors
    Like its predecessors,
    this Thirteenth Edition of The Norton Introduction to
    Literature offers in a single volume a complete course in reading literature
    and writing about it. A teaching anthology focused on the actual tasks,
    challenges, and questions typically faced by students and instructors, The Norton
    Introduction to Literature offers practical advice to help students transform their
    first impressions of literary works into fruitful discussions and meaningful critical
    essays, and it helps students and instructors together tackle the complex questions
    at the heart of literary study.
    The Norton Introduction to Literature has been revised with an eye to providing
    a book that is as flexible and as useful as possible—adaptable to many different
    teaching styles and individual preferences—and that also conveys the excitement
    at the heart of literature itself.
    new selections
    This lucky Thirteenth Edition of The Norton Introduction to Literature
    features nine
    new stories, over twenty new poems, and one new play. These
    include new selections
    from popular
    and canonical writers including Ray Bradbury, Octavia Butler, Annie
    Proulx, Oscar Wilde, and Virginia
    Woolf (in Fiction and Drama), Maya Angelou,
    Emily Dickinson, Joy Harjo, and Claude McKay (in Poetry). We invite you to feast on
    Christina Rossetti’s delicious Goblin Market and a refreshed collection of Robert
    Frost poems complete with the oft-taught
    “Out, Out—” and “Fire and Ice.” But you
    also find here
    work by exciting new authors such as Alissa Nutting, A. E. Stallings,
    and Pulitzer Prize winners Adam Johnson, Viet Thanh Nguyen, and Tracy K. Smith.
    Prompting the reintroduction
    of John Crowe Ransom’s “Bells for John Whiteside’s
    which it appears alongside, Hai-Dang
    Phan’s moving “My Father’s
    Introduction to Literature,’
    Third Edition (1981)” reminds us just how much new works
    and new voices renew and reanimate, rather than replace, classic ones.
    A new science-fiction
    One of the more popular
    features of recent editions of The Norton Introduction to
    are the albums
    that invite students to consider and compare works linked
    by author, subgenre, subject matter,
    or setting, and so on. You will
    find fifteen such
    in the Thirteenth Edition, including an entirely new one featuring science
    fiction by Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury, William Gibson, and Jennifer Egan.
    Improved writing pedagogy
    Recent editions of The Norton Introduction to Literature
    greatly expanded and
    improved the resources for student writers, including thorough introductions to each




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